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Your best and most trustworthy pearl jewelry supplier since 1994. Over 200,000 happy customers have experienced Shecy's lifetime excellence.
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Minimum Order Quantity

For semifinished products like pearl strands, MOQ is 5; Freshwater/Akoya loose pearls, MOQ is 10; Tahitian/South Sea loose pearls, MOQ is 3.

For finished products buyers, the minimum order amount is USD200, at least 5 of our products which can be different. Different discounts are available according to the order quantity.

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Visit our South Pearl Centre in Guilin or Shecy Pearls City in Shanghai to experience a new dimension of pearl shopping.

1) A top Pearl Jewelry Company since 1994
2) A Trusted International Pearl Vendor for Over 10 years
3) 37,000-Square-Foot Jewelry Shop
4) Thousands of Styles in Pearl Jewelry
5) High-Quality, Affordable Pearl Jewelry
6) Over 200,000 Happy Customers

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