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pearl necklace

A string of pearl necklace is always a never-fading favorite of female

Pearl necklaces of various colors are available at our site. Our white pearl necklaces are classic, traditional and generally designed with round shape pearls. Pearls come in other natural colors too, like gray, black, golden, light green etc. Natural original color pearl necklaces are always preferred. The typical pearl necklace is hand knotted with about 40 pearl beads. Smaller pearls in light hues of blue or pink are usually more suitable for young children, while the white pearl necklaces are preferred by older women.

Pearls symbolize the love of your loved ones. A string of pearl necklace, kindly enough helps you string this love together. The longer the pearl necklace is, the deeper the love is. The love you give away is the love you keep.

Treasure the love you have, and shopping a string of pearl necklace from shecy returns the love you have.

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tahitian pearl necklace

pearl pendant

Pearl pendant is one of the most enduring and popular fashion trends in jewelry. Their customizable nature means the never go out of style, and can easily be personalized to adapt to new styles.

You cannot image how attractive you are until you wear one.Our store supplies many kinds of pearl pendant which will attract your attention as soon as you see it at the first time. Also you will be shocked by the elegant appearance. We guarantee you will buy the high quality pearl necklace with little money, attribute to our direct pearl source and professional experts.

It is perfect for a casual get up but may also look well with the most formal dresses. Drop pearls highlight the face of the one wearing it, so it is critical to choose the right kind of pair to don. You will look more fashion and beautiful with perfect pearl pendant. Meanwhile, we are pleased to offer you personalized assistance in finding the perfect pearl pendant for that special someone you love, or for you to add to your own collection of jewelry.

Please choose a nice pendant which will show the elegant and mature of you, if you want to make yourself distinguish from others.

freshwater pearl pendant
akoya pearl pendant
south sea pearl pendant
tahitian pearl pendant

pearl ring

Pearl ring is something we can treasure for a lifetime. That's why choosing the perfect pearl ring, that will symbolize the love you share as a couple, a couple’s never-ending love and dedication to one another, is one of the most important choices you will ever make. So selecting a pearl ring should be the same as choosing a life partner. It is no doubt that Shecy Pearl Jewelry is your first choice for pearl rings. Shecy Pearl Jewelry presents the finest collection of rings designed exclusively in highly intricate settings and is available in various pearls which suit your taste and budget. We have over 1000 designs of pearl rings choose from.

If you are looking for a truly personal, unique or vintage pearl ring now, please enjoy your shopping here. We have huge collections of pearl rings for your reference. At Shecy Pearl Jewelry, we combine traditional and modern jewelry techniques to handcraft your unique ring - a statement of your individuality. We manage to make our rings be both traditional and modern at the same time. All our pearls are handcrafted and you can choose the metal color, anything from white gold to yellow gold, the stones, and the setting, which make them so much more personal and romantic than a ring you choose from any old display case.

freshwater pearl ring
akoya pearl ring
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tahitian pearl ring

pearl earring

Pearl Earrings are alluring in their color. Pearls make a wonderful stone for earrings. These pieces come in a variety of styles and materials, and make a wonderful addition to any outfit, are it formal, professional, or casual.

Jewelry of this kind even makes a perfect gift for anyone whether they are looking for simplicity or extravagance. It usually comes to the immense variety of pearl types, colors, sizes and shapes lending to the popularity of pearls as a jewelry item of choice.

As with we carry a richness of styles and colors, including the popular black pearl earrings in freshwater, akoya and Tahitian, our selection not limited to the pieces found on our Web site. These beautiful pearl earrings, either of a simple or a complicated structure, can be designed as you like. If you have something special or something unique in mind, please feel free to contact shecy.

freshwater pearl earrings
akoya pearl earrings
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pearl jewelry sets

There are so many styles of jewelry today and each is different in its own way. But the only consistency over the past couple years has been pearl jewelry. The pearl set is the ultimate piece of jewelry that will leave you feeling fabulous and will brighten up any outfit. The pearl set, again, is a reasonable price for something so gorgeous. The collection is something that everyone must have, the pieces are real statement pieces and the best thing about it is that it is affordable.

The great thing about pearl set is that they can completely change a dress by just adding one to and outfit for a new and more tailored look! When there is Shecypearls attached they are even better!! View our stunning collection of pearl sets, diamond pearl set into wide ranging truly breathtaking designs and settings.

The beauty of a pearl set like Shecy Pearl Jewelry is that it is versatile enough to be dressed up, and designed to mix and match separates, so you can create a number of different outfits. Also, all pearls are natural and genuine, so you make you feel comfortable with your favorite dress.

freshwater pearl Set
akoya pearl jewelry set
south pearl jewelry set
tahitian pearl jewelry set

pearl bracelet

Bracelets have become the focus of fashion trend. For showing the taste and sensitivity to the latest fad, you can be a fashion expert by appropriate matching between bracelets and costume. Fine, rounded, bright pearl has always been a symbol of elegant and noble.

A woman with a pearl bracelet is like a warm light, emitting a gracious glow. Even if the simplest style, pearl bracelets can easily attract people’s attention. When many brides dress in wedding gowns, they prefer to wear pearl bracelets, which are sent by their lovers. In this way, brides can fully enjoy the happiness. Because what pearl bracelets bring to them is the witness from sea and eternal love. Undoubtedly, pearl bracelets make unparalleled fashion statement. Wear it as a casual or formal jewelry. It suits all occasions.

freshwater pearl bracelet
akoya pearl bracelet
tahitian pearl bracelet