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My Suggestion on How to Select a Piece of Pearl Jewelry Suitable For You

When you are looking for a piece of pearl jewelry, you always look at the pearls' luster, surface, shape, color and size to decide its quality. In fact, as well as the design, they are also the important factors to consider if the piece is suitable for you according to your look, age, personality and the occasions you wear it. Here is some of my suggestion. I hope it will give you a bit ideas.

Young ladies

If you are a graceful young lady with smooth skin and sweet smiles, then just look at the high quality round or oval smooth pearls. Most of them are suitable for you because pearls themselves are elegant symbols. Only things to consider are the size and color of the pearls and the style of the whole piece.

If your skin is dark, choose the white pearls with silver overtone or bright blue ones. You can choose a piece of pure pearl jewelry or pearls mix with other shinny materials. I think a strand of pearl necklace with a small amount of shinny diamonds or cubic zirconia is perfect for you.

If your skin is light, then you will have a big range of color choices, such as white, pink, purple, and green. For design, you can choose some colorful and complicated-featured pieces. A strand of pure black pearl is not so suitable for young girls, while a chain of a single black pearl is not a bad choice. Big size pearls are a bad choice for young ladies.

If you are an outdoor- or-party-lover with a fit body, you can choose medium size pink, purple, green pearls. They don't need to be smooth. Sometimes the irregular surface pearls are better for you, because it is not so obvious when they are a bit worn after so much outdoor activities. The styles you can focus on more are the necklaces in pearls featured by crystals or other colorful shinny or not shinny stones, and the pearls are not necessarily round but multi-shaped, such as oval, sticks and asymmetrical. You can also look for some small pearl bracelets.

Mature ladies

Mature ladies are more respectful, more professional, and more likely to attend the formal events, so they can just step into the "luxurious section" to find a nice one.

For plump ladies, dark pearls, such as black and blue ones can just make you sexier. The pearl size and shape are not so important. The style of the whole piece must be big but simple. A thick necklace with lots of small pearls or a big pearl strand both make you nobler. Imagine that at your business opening ceremony, you are wearing a sexy gold dress, with a strand of big oval black pearls decorated by platinum or diamonds, then you don't need to try so hard to convince your partners but they will believe you have the best taste and insight.

For slim ladies, you can choose medium size pearls in any color. Even the style is not difficult to be found to suit you. In my opinion, a radial look necklace can make you stand out of other women, while a slender shinny platinum chain with white pearls lining up in gap will make your slim neck more sexy. Then you just need to consider which style will match your clothes. Just remember, a opposite color is better than a similar one, such as if you wear a black dress, you can choose white pearls.