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No Change in Current Soaring Gold Price

Gold has been widely concerning all over the world, for the price is unprecedented high. After September in 2009, the consumption of gold entered the traditional peak season and a series of festivals in India, Christmas and Chinese New Year would greatly boost the yellow mental price. Gold kept up its record-setting pace, jumping off the highest point of $1032.65 per ounce in October this year. On November 12th of 2009, York Mercantile Exchange Inc. gold futures market closed at $1119.10 per ounce, hitting a fresh high after 2006. According to the current trend, the gold price is continuing to upwards.

Our products are deeply subjected to the increasing gold price. While having highly appreciated our customers for your regular patronage and strongly support, we are sustaining the shock and still remaining the original price for the present. In addition, our free shipping policy is in conformity with the former one. Namely, the purchase over $70 will be applied to the free shipping. Our products have been widely endorsed and we are assured that we will do our best endeavor to serve you well. For more information on our company, please email us anytime.