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Mystery for Perfect Pearl

Tens of thousand of pearl lovers are puzzled about whether there are perfect pearls in the world or not. It remains as one of secrets of nature. Actually, the appearance of pearl is the reflection of calcium carbonate crystals and shell keratin.In an ideal state, the surface should be smooth and clean. Due to the complex and changing external environment, the skin tends to deviate from the ideal state and many defects are formed, such as grooves, bump, spot, cracks, pits, black spots, gaps, tip, etc. Little change in water temperature and ion concentration can lead to the  steady growth of crystal and structure, and finally result in relatively smooth skin.However, it is also the common sense that water temperature and ion concentration are impossible unchanged all the time and then the blemish on the skin is inevitable.

For better understanding, Shecy Pearls tries to take some examples. A baby comes to the world without any flaws in the skin? When a baby is born, she or he will be an unique individual with her or his own birthmark or mole more or less. As regards gold, we cannot find 100% pure gold in the world. Let alone gems and jades.The comparison between pearl and human being proves that imperfect is nature .

Never worry about the imperfect pearl will ruin your beauty. It is said that 1.5 meters is the standard social distance ,which is far enough to see the blemish on your pearl. Other people will not easy to find the blemish even in a closer distance. What they focus and surprise about is your elegant beauty the pearl gives to you.

ShecyPearls makes great efforts to diminish the imperfect such as concealing the blemish by punching . What we try to convince you is that every pearl is a child of nature with its own characteristic, thus we should respect them and cherish them as our babies.