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Mix Matching with Pearl Necklace

After World War II, the whole world is stepping into a peaceful and prosperous age.And the classical lady image turns to be a popular trend again. Princess Diana of Wales undoubtedly is regarded as the symbol of this classical lady. Fans never forget her stunning appearance in a white crown. The drop pearl earring strengthens the beauty of this lady. Pearl always be an active fairy, giving the endless inspiration to fashion designers.

Mix matching pearls inevitably turns to be the most vogue style for the present. It enriches the beauty of pearl, which can fully reveal woman’s charm. The backless dress goes perfectly with a long strand of pearl. Various changes can be created by the long pearl necklace (37inches or longer). For example, wearing it in a scarf style or making the pearls in the gradient way so as to show the natural vertical fall, which completely demonstrates the curve of back of a woman.

Pearl can be applied to costume designing and serves as the trimming on the collar, cuffs and waist. So long as you take full advantage of the features of pearl, it can perfectly meet your fashion demands.Usually, people would like to use pearl necklace with formal style dress. But you will surprise to find that pearl necklace also gives you a genuine sense of modern and personal style. For example, mix matching combines pearl necklace with jeans, which are totally different fashion elements, brings you casual and mature sense and even convenient to you as the business suit. Lovely cotton T shirt with a pearl necklace can also turn to be a romantic and naïve temperament. A long strand of necklace matches with leggings pant can create a kind of sweet and fashion hip-hop style.1960's geometric style dress, pearl bracelet and a knight jacket can show an image of neat and elegant. That is why pearls become one of modern fashion elements for modern women. Just try to get a simple pearl necklace, you can easily create various styles at your disposal.