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Keys to a Suitable Pear Ring

Selecting a pearl ring should be the same as choosing a life partner. We must take it seriously with cautious attitude. Do remember that please do not choose too trendy or weird style because it only can be vogue for a short time.

The following four keys may help you to make a correct choice.

Size. Under the same grade, the bigger, the more valuable it will be.

Shape. The pearl has various shapes, such as round, off- round, drop, semi-profiled and profiled. Round shape is certainly the best form, but special styles with creative ideas for non-round pearls also can be a beautiful and unique jewelry.

Blemish. 95% of the skin smoothness or above is the best pearl. With your own eyes, the pearl should be considered as a good one if the blemish is not obvious on the surface and does not affect the appearance.

Luster. Luster is the most important factor in judging a pearl good or not. The thickness, delicate degree and transparency of a pearl all have close relationship with the luster.

In addition, mosaic plays an extremely important part of the pearl ring as well. Bad mosaic will take the inlaid pearl off. What’s more, you had better have the certificate of authenticity of your pearl ring.