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How to be Vogue with Pearls

When mention about pearl, it will only remain you of old-fashioned black eveningdress? Don't be so shortsighted. You will discover the most fashionable and noble spirit of pearls after follow some practical dressing rules.


1. Select special color
The most efficient way to show your individual style is to wear the special color pearls. Golden or lavender pearl jewelry makes you look young and energy. However, the size should be small and delicate. A white shirt with a lavender delicate pearl necklace will give your customer a good impression of mature and high working competence.

2. Match pearls with colored gemstones
The simple white pearls with colored gemstones reflect the rich layers of color and great texture. Do remember, do not put all your pearl necklace, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and pearl brooches together, it would only make you look like a pearl store showcase model.

3. Show your individual style
Going multi-strand pearl necklaces with jeans, a fantastic style immediately comes out. It can be wrapped on your wrist, waist, handbags and even in the hair. in fact, you can wear pearls in any place, if you think that! Actually, you can wear pearls anywhere you want.