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Helpful Tips for Selecting a Suitable Pearl Ring

Simple and generous style is always the main tone of pearl ring so as to meet the demands of a variety of occasions. Here are some tips to help you to make better choices when buying pearl ring that hopefully lasts a lifetime:

Pearl ring VS fingers:
Short fingers and prominent joints are fit for slender and no-matching pearl ring. In this way, this kind of pearl ring can easily distract people's attention from your fingers.

Long and slender fingers are suited to broad-brush style of the pearl ring, which can make your fingers more delicate and elegant.

Thick fingers are better for larger pearl ring. But the size should be proper, otherwise oversized pearl ring make your finger bloated.

Pearl ring VS skin colors:
Most of the dark-skinned and yellow-skinned are regarded as "winter skin". While, pink, white, blue, red pearl can make you look more radiant. On the contrary, apricot, orange, yellow will cause the "winter skin" people look pale.

A simple way to choose the accurate pearl ring color, which suits you best, is to place different pearl ring on the back of your hand and select the most appropriate one. For arousing people's attention, you can choose the pearl color that has distinguished contrast with your skin. Generally speaking, it suggests that people with "winter skin" is more suitable to white, silver, black or pink pearl ring.