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Foolproof Tips for Looking Perfect with Pearl Necklace

Short face is fit for thin pearl necklace, or the necklace with a pendant. While a long face should select short and thick pearl necklace. Earrings can be a large round structure, which can be achieved the purpose that the long face looks short. Round face can choose thin vertical style jewelry such as fine jewelry chain, rod earrings, pearl necklace with a pendant and so on, which can make your face looks long.

The heart face is suitable to any style of pearl jewelry. And for triangular face, the larger earrings and bangs with short hair can also make your face harmony without make-up.

Meanwhile, you should pay special attention to your skin color when wearing the pearl ring necklace. The pale yellow skin can match the cream, golden or pink pearl. White skin is more suitable to choose white, pink, silver or white pearl. Brown skin can choose dark purple or brown pearl.

Generally speaking, summer and autumn are the best seasons for short pearl necklace. Because collar is low and you can easily catch other’s attention because of pearl necklace. However, long pearl necklace more suitable in spring and winter. Matching with the rope necklace, Chinese Cheongsams or wedding dress can make you more beautiful.

With respect to size, it is no necessary to choose the big one. This is because, the bigger, the dearer. In most occasions, 8mm in diameter for each pearl in a stand of pearl necklace is reasonable for almost all the ladies.In addition, if you prefer cultured pearl necklace, pay attention to the luster and skin. And try to make some effective tests so as to avoid imitation one.