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So Easy! DIY Your Own Pearl Necklace

Do you know pearl necklaces should be restrung every 1-2 years even under your nearly perfect protection? The reason is that your sweat, perfume, body lotion, dust, etc. can dirty and damage strings, and strings themselves can be naturally stretched too. You can go to the professional jeweler to have them done, or you can do it by yourself. In fact, to do it by yourself is just so easy and a lot of fun.

However, it is not that easy like simply to string the pearls together one by one. Though it is not much more than that --- you just need to knot between every two pearls. The purpose of knotting is to avoid the scratches between pearls. Also, when the strand is accidentally broken, the pearls are still tied together, instead of you loosing the whole strand.

Now let's have some fun.

Step 1.
Prepare your tools: white silk string, a beading needle, a scissors, a piece of soft cloth, a heavy hook.

Step 2.
Line all your pearls onto the soft cloth, and place the comparable smaller ones on both ends.

Step 3.
Cut a long silk string (if your necklace is 16cm, you need about 90cm string)

Step 4.
Thread the string through the needle and tie both ends of the string together (now the string is double thick but half length).

Step 5.
Use the needle to string all the pearls one by one onto the string.

Step 6.
Thread the needle through the hole on one side of the clasp. Now the clasp is next to the last pearl you just strung and it can stop the pearls to fall from this end.

Step 7.
Then make a knot between the pearl and the clasp: bend the string into a circle between the pearl and the clasp, and thread the needle through the circle.

Step 8.
Hook the other knotted end (the end you made a knot at step two) onto the heavy hook, the purpose of which is to avoid the pearl strand moving when you make knots at the next step.

Step 9.
Thread the needle through the pearl next to the clasp, and make a knot using the same method as step 7. Then next pearl and make another knot. Repeat this until you reach the last two pearls.

Step 10.
Thread the needle through both of the last two pearls, together with the other hole on the other side of the clasp. Make a knot between the clasp and the pearl.

Step 11.
Thread the needle back through the last pearl and make the last knot. This knot should be very firm and tight.

Step 12.
Cut off the string. If you want to make it double secure, you can apply a tiny amount of nail polish onto the last knot.

That's it! Are you so proud to make your own pearl necklace now? It is easy, isn't it?