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Cultured Pearls

Cultured pearls make beautiful pieces of jewelry. A pearl is formed when an irritant, typically a grain of sand or parasite, enters and remains in the shell of an oyster. The oyster will deposit layers of a semi-translucent crystalline material (nacre) around the irritant which becomes a pearl.

A cultured pearl is a pearl that is created when an irritant is placed in an oyster and the oyster is then stimulated to coat the irritant with the nacre. Cultured pearls are typically nearly perfectly round.

The finest cultured pearls are from China where the art has been perfected. Cultured pearls should have a beautiful luster and iridescence and can come in a variety of colors including black and white. Also, cultured pearls will have a subtle undertone such as pink or green.

The size, shape and cleanliness of cultured pearls will impact their price. The larger cultured pearls are the more expensive they will be. Cultured pearls are measured in millimeters.

We take great pride in the cultured pearls we select for our jewelry and work hard to match the pearls to create a stunning look. We know that your purchase of cultured pearls is an investment in a classic piece of jewelry that is as modern as it is timeless.

You should select your cultured pearls jewelry based on your unique tastes. Whether you are looking for cultured pearls to match a particular outfit or to be worn with many different outfits, there is a wide selection of jewelry to fit your style and taste.

When buying cultured pearls consider the size of the pearls, color of the pearls and of course their setting. You can choose an entire strand of cultured pearls or a single pendant, or a wonderful pair of earrings or a ring. Many women buy a set of cultured pearls that include a necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Make sure you care for your cultured pearls. Simple care can keep your jewelry looking wonderful year after year. We offer information on our website regarding the cleaning and care of cultured pearls.