shecy pearl jewelry

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How can we afford to offer such fine pearls at such low prices?

Make no mistake: we don't sell "cheap" pearl jewelry. Our pearls are just as high quality as those sold in that expensive jewelry shop in your town. In fact, that shop probably sells pearls from China, bought from a plant much like the one where we grow ours. But how can we offer the same pearls at such discounted prices? Simple. We have a few advantages your local jewelry store doesn't have.

1. We're bigger.

China pearls enjoy a high reputation in unrivaled price in the world. (more details please view Pearls From China)

In the international jewelry market, size does matter. And even in China, we're one of the biggest companies around. We produce our own pearls - but we buy all the equipment we need to run our business in bulk. Because we're purchasing such large amounts, we have greater bargaining power. We can negotiate heavily discounted prices, and we pass those discounts on to our customers.

2. We grow our own pearls.

Chinese pearls make up the bulk of pearls sold throughout the world. Most jewelry stores purchase their pearls from a plant like ours. They pay the wholesale cost, then sell those pearls at a significant markup to the consumer. Because we grow our own and don't have to pay a wholesale distributor, we can offer you our pearls at wholesale prices similar to those another jewelry store would pay.

3. We operate efficiently.

We hire only the best and most experienced staff and customer service representatives. Because they do their jobs so well, we don't make many mistakes. We have very few returns and need to offer few refunds. This saves everybody money.

4. We get good deals in shipping.

Over the years, we've built up an excellent relationship with international shipping companies in our country. As a result, we get heavily discounted shipping. Because our shipping costs are so much lower than those of other companies, we can afford to offer free shipping to our customers. Don't worry, this isn't a temporary perk—it's part of how we do business. Our free shipping is just one way we build customer loyalty.