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Products information :
1.What kind of pearls do you sell?
2.What colors, shapes, and sizes are available?
3.How can I evaluate a pearl's value??
4.What are South Sea pearls?
5.What are saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls?
6.Are cultured pearls artificially manufactured?
7.How do I distinguish the real pearl from the false ?
8.How are pearls classified?
9.Is there a standardized grading system for pearls?
10.How do I care for pearls?
11.Will my pearls turn yellow with age? If so, how can I return them to their original color?
Placing an Order:
1.How do I place an order?
2.If I encounter a problem while submitting my order, should I just resubmit?
3.What if I have placed a duplicate order?
4.Can I take an item out of my shopping cart once it has been selected?
5.What payment options do you accept?
6.Is ordering online safe?
7.Will my items be packed well?
8.Do you offer corporate or wholesale discounts?
Shipping and Return:
1.How will my package be shipped?
2.When will my orders be shipped?
3.What's the shipping charge through different carries?
4.How will my order be packed?
5.Will I be billed duties and taxes?
6.Is my package insured?
7.How do I know that my item has shipped?
8.What if I have not yet received my order but it shows that it has shipped?
9.When will my order arrive?
10. What's your return policy?
Shipping and Return:
1.When can I have reply from you after I send you an inquiry?
2.What if I need more information about this pearl jewelry?
3.What if I'm too busy to spend hours online trying to compare your pearl jewelry options?
4.What if I worry about your authenticity?
5.What if I'm confused by all the pearl jewelry choices?
6.Do you have any warranty or certificate for your products?
7.Do you have any special offer or sales promotions?