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Your best and most trustworthy pearl jewelry supplier since 1994. Over 200,000 happy customers have experienced Shecy's lifetime excellence.
Customer Service FAQ

1. When will you reply after I send you an inquiry?

We send replies within half an hour to a full day after receiving them.

2. What if I need more information about this pearl jewelry?

Our pearl jewelry experts are always on call to answer any questions you have. Give us a call at 0086-773-3891700—we'll call you if it's easier for you—or email us at

3. What if I'm too busy to spend hours online trying to compare your pearl jewelry options?

Yes! Get in touch at 0086-773-3891700—we'll call you if it's easier for you—or email us at We'll be happy to give you helpful and informative answers to all the pearl-related questions you have.

4. What if I worry about your authenticity?

No problem! We are a registered, valid, legal, and trusted company that has been in business for over ten years. We are regulated by our government and the Guangxi South Pearl Group Corporation to ensure that we employ only the soundest business practices and offer the finest quality products. We guarantee our quality and provide a certificate of authenticity with each piece of pearl jewelry we ship—and if you don't love our pearls as much as we do, you can have a full refund if returned within 90 days. Contact us at 0086-773-3899333—we'll call you if it's easier for you—if you have further questions.

5. What if I'm confused by all the pearl jewelry choices?

Just get in touch—we have the answers to all your pearl jewelry questions. We can help you decide which pearl jewelry is right for you, and if you can't find anything in our catalog, we'll help you design your own custom jewelry. Get in touch at 0086-773-3891700—we'll call you if it's easier for you—or email us at

6. Do you have any warranty or certificate for your products?

We sure do. We stand behind our products 100%—which are why each item you order from Shecy Pearl Jewelry comes with its own appraisal certificate guaranteeing its authenticity and value. We may offer "discount" pearl jewelry—but we don't cut corners on quality.

7. Do you have any special offer or sales promotions?

Yes—every order you place with us comes with valuable coupons that give you discounts off your next purchase with us. In addition, we give away three free gifts worth hundreds of dollars every two months to customers with the best photos of themselves wearing our fine pearl jewelry. All you have to do is email or mail us a picture, and we'll enter you into the contest for a chance to win.