Hello Delia,

I would like to thank you so much for the excellent service. I received the pearl 5 minutes ago and was so thrilled with the quality and size I had to let you know right away. I can't wait to design a gorgeous bail and wear it with my matching earrings. You have delivered what you promised, and I will recommend your company to anyone who is interested.

Thank you again, and Aloha,

Nancy Engle

Dear Ice,

Last evening I opened my pearls and found them to be the most beautiful. I had just come from an event at my own jeweler's store and had checked the price of five strand twenty inch long off-round and unmatched freshwater pearls that they were selling for 600USD. And their luster was dull!!

My two sets are magnificent!! The luster and heft are divine--they feel like they are hugging me!!

And thank you for your immediate response to my questions regarding shipping--I was amazed that I received them in a weeks time!!

And another thanks for the gifts!!

You will hear from me again soon due to your fine product and wonderful service!!

Best Regards-


(United States)

Hi Ice,

Thank you for your help. My sister has the pearls now. What a relief!


Jessica Ueno

Dear Ice Wu

Package arrived safely today. The pearls are very nice. The extra gifts are very nice too.

Yours sincerely


(United Kingdom)

Dear Ice Wu,

Thank you for the shipping information regarding my order with your company.

I am pleased to say that the pearls arrived today and as promised, beautifully packaged.

The pearls are very beautiful and i will indeed recommend you to friends and family. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company and i thank you for your very professional and friendly service.

Yours Faithfully

Eileen Hamilton-Scott

(United Kingdom)
The pearls arrived today and they are very beautiful. Thank you.

William Wesenberg

(United States)
Dear Ice,

I duly got the pearl necklace, thanks for all your help.
With best,


(United States)
Hi Ice,

I finally recieved my order.
Thanks for your assistance.



I had my birthday yesterday, and what a surprise!!! I opened the black akoya pearl strand that my husband bought me, and I love it!!! The pearls are high quality and I wore them most of my birthday. I got several compliments on how beautiful they are and how great they look!!!!!!! I am impressed!!! They have excellent coloration on them, are perfectly round. They pick up different colors in all kinds of lighting. Some people said that they had a blue iridescence to them, and other that they could see burgundy and other colors in them. I know that is a good sign of good pearls when they reflect beautiful colors off them. The luster is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the pearls, they are a treasure!!
Amber Summers, Salina Kansas , October 18, 2008.

(United States)

I received the gold earrings and we are very happy with them. Thanks for all your help.

Barry Kizmann

(United States)
Dear Ice,

Thank you so much for my first shecy pearl jewelry, I have just received it and it is beautiful cannot wait to receive my next order that being earrings.Again thank you.

Jean Paterson

United Kingdom
Dear Delia,

I have received the package. The necklaces are wonderful!

Thank you very much!

Best wishes,

Valentina Felici

Dear Belle,

I received the pearls today and they are beautiful! Thank you so much for your help, and thank you for the gift of the pearl bracelet. It was a big surprise. :) Thanks again, I enjoyed working with you.

Rita Matthews

(United States)
Hello Delia!

Life does get crazy, doesn't it? I was out of town and when I returned, my neighbor who gets my mail for me did not get to my house very soon this time.

However, all is well. I called the post office this morning and they said they would keep my package 10 days for me.

Nonetheless, I simply could not wait any longer after 'suffering' through the weekend for that special package.

Delia, these multi-coloured pearls are almost beyond words (and I am a rather verbally adept person, having taught 'words' for 44 years).

Shecy pearls are an ethereal experience. Seeing them is a fairy tale, and touching them is picking stars from the sky.

These pearls are so wonderful!! They are so subtle and understated that they scream. At least they affected me that way. Who is the person who would not be willingly enveloped by them? My mother never failed to advise me: "A woman is always dressed as long as she has on her pearls." I do wish she could see these precious wonders, including the workmanship.

Thank you for all the kind and considerate aid you offer and carry through with regarding Shecy's customer service.


(Mrs.) Laqueta Wall

(United States)

WOW I just received my order and I am impressed. The quality appears super and coupled with all of you help and the fast shipping I am so impressed. I will be recommending your

Products to all of my friends.

Warmest Regards

Bruce Dedic

(United States)
Dear Ice,

I successfully received my package! I'm really pleased with all jewels, especially with the necklace, thank you for efforts to complete it with proper pendant. And thank you for your gift as well!

Thank you once more and have a nice day!

Best wishes, Karina

To Belle at Shecy Pearls

The necklace arrived safely today. Thank you for a friendly and efficient service.


Lesley Dibble

Dear Belle,

Thank you so much for your pearl jewelry package. I receive it today (07/07/2008). I like them so much. They are very lovely. I hope next time I will purchase from you again. Now I'm looking for a pearl pendant.
I would like to say again that your pearl is soooooooooo beautiful. Thanks so much.

Best wishes,

Metta Sanmanit

Hi Belle

The earrings have arrived. They are beautiful. Thank you again. I will order more soon.



Hello Belle and all Shecy Staffs,

I just got my Pearls this afternoon at my spa while I was working on my client. I am so curious to see them but I did not have a chance to open it at work (very busy today).
So when I got home, my husband and I opened the package. Wow... Amazing I really love Shecy Pearls. They are all so beautiful. Thank you for your nice bracelet gift.
So anyway, Thank you very much for everything to Belle and every staffs at Shecy that make my Pearls dream come true. I will tell to my boss and coworker at the Spa so they can order their Pearls to Shecy and definitely I will order again too.

Sincerely yours,


I just received your package. Thanks for the free gift as well. I really love my pearls and i look forward in ordering more from you.

Desiree Knight
(St. Kitts and Nevis)
Dear Belle Lin,

I first want to express my deepest thanks for your prompt and excellent service.

I wish sales representatives here in the states were as attentive and skilled as you are. You should be very proud of yourself.

I have decided on purchasing the 5135-KWR78 but customized with real diamonds.

I would also like to know a little about who designed this ring. We have looked at many rings, in many places, and have not found one as nice as this one. Very impressive.

Thank you very much and look forward to doing business with you,


(United States)
I recently ordered 5 pearl bracelets and I would like to thank you - they're beautiful.

Thank you,

Michelle Epps
(United States)

I got the necklace

It's beautiful

Thank you

Kim Yoon
(United States)
Hi Belle.

I received my beautiful 3 strand pearl necklace a couple of weeks ago.

It is really lovely.

Thank you so much for your help.


(United States)
Hi Belle,

I received my order today.

The pearls looked better in person than the website photographs and they were beautifully packaged. The shipping was quick and Shecy's customer service is impeccable - far better than any of the customer service I have received in Australia.

Thank you very much for all your assistance.


Ice Wu
Thank you much for all you efforts.

My wife loves her Shecy golden pearl and the diamonds you added, as well as the gift earrings! I think your customer service was excellent as you called me to confirm the order modification which added the diamonds, sent me an e-mail with picture, and then included the gift earrings as well.
You made it happen with your great customer service and great merchandise.


John Heidbreder
(United States)
Dear Ice Wu,
I've received the goods, and I really like them!
My mother likes them too, and she would like to have some pink pearls too.

She've asked me if a pink freshwater pearl has natural color or if it is dyed, but I don't know, so I've told her that I will ask you.
I remember that black freshwater and akoya pearls are dyed, because only Tahitian has black natural color (is it right?), but I don't know about other colors.

I would be grateful if you would help me.
Best regards,

Elisabetta Dore
Hi Belle,

Yes, I did get the package. The Post Office person left me a note to pick it up at the Post Office so I did yesterday (Tuesday).

I opened the package right away. They do look beautiful, the brilliance of the pearls is what counts. Just looking at them, they are magnificent. For what I paid, I am very happy with the products. Comparing to what I saw at retail price in Oakland China town, and other sites as well, I believe I got a better deal from your company.

Now, I want to thank you for the cute tiny pearls bracelet gift. I didn't know they come that tiny. My daughter will like that, and I know she will love her earrings and necklace. Also, I want to thank you for all your patience, suggestions, and advice about pearls and, most of all, you and Shecypearls for packing something so precious and beautiful, within my budget, for such a special occasion for my daughter and sending it in plenty of time. I know she will treasure it.

I will be back when my other daughter graduates. Who knows, someday I might be able to afford a beautiful Akoya pearl necklace myself.

Thanks, again, Belle, and take care

(United States)
Dear, Ice Wu,

I have received my order. Thank you very much! My wife is very pleased with quality and appearance of the necklace, and so am I. Thanks for additional gift. Lovely bracelet.

It was Very nice to have a business with you! Really.

I definitely will order something else from your company. And always will recommend you to other peoples.

With best regards,

(United States)
Dear Ice Wu,
Package received in good order.

Thanks you.


Etienne Van Cann
Hello Delia,
Just writing to let you know the pendant arrived yesterday. We are very pleased. Thanks for all your attention.

(United States)
Ice Wu, Thank you for your efforts in making a satisfied customer.  The golden pearl diamond pendant has arrived and looks very beautiful.  I will be presenting it to my wife at her surprise 50th birthday party June 7th.

Thank you again for all your help in calling and emailing me to ensure my satisfaction.
I am sure my wife will be delighted.

Thanks again,

John Heidbreder  
(United States)
Thank you Delia - you have been very very helpful and I appreciate it. 

(United Kingdom)
hello belle lin, i recieved the pearl ring today and i wanted you to know that i feel the designer exceeded my expectations. it is a beautiful ring. i also want to thank you for your help and attention when i ordered this ring. i am 100% satisfied with this purchase and the prompt and efficient service i recieved from shecy pearls. thank you so much! best of luck to you belle lin.

(United States)
I've got the pearls last week. Very good quality, thank you.

Best regards,
The black pearl earrings are beautiful, thank you for a super fast and easy service.

Peter Lesner
Thank you so much, received my pearls yesterday! They are beautiful, will be ordering again from you soon! The pearls I ordered will be for my bridal jewelry when I get them restrung! Thank you.

(United States)
1: L-FWR78
2: L-FBR48
3: L-FLR46
Dear Shecy Pearls,
   I received my pearl ring today and absolutely loved it. The ring is even prettier in person . I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you for the gift and fast shipping.


Debra Eisele
Dear Belle,

I had to write and tell you that I did receive the beautiful pearls and my family and I actually gave them to my friend tonight! My friends were so touched! They could not believe that they actually came from China. They were speechless. I also found out tonight that one of the things that they were unable to do when they went to China to receive their little girl, was to buy pearls! My friend said that they had continued regrets about their daughter not having pearls to cherish from her country! Needless to say, it was an unforgettable evening. The look of awe on the faces of the mother and father when they opened the gift was priceless! My family and I will never forget it. They held the pearls with such care and respect! I know that they will be worn with such deep appreciation on Saturday at the Christening.

I just wanted to keep you updated and also to take this opportunity to thank you and Shecy Pearls for how wonderful this experience has been. It is such a pleasure to do business with reliable, caring people who can be depended upon to deliver what they promise!

I hope things are well with you and your family. Our hearts and prayers continue for you.


(United States)
I received my pearl and I must say.... I LOVE IT!!! Thank you, I look forward to ordering from you in the future.

gina palson
(United States)
Hello from New Jersey. Received package two or three days ago.
Pearls look great!

(United States)
I received the pearl earrings today. I love them.
You can be sure that I will recommend Shecy Pearls and you to all my family & friends.

Marianne Makar
(United States)
Dear Delia

How are you? Hope all is fine at your side.

I received the pearls set yesterday and it was lovely. I fall in love with it at first sight ! ;)
Quality of pearl lustre nacre size shape were all very good.
They are really nice except for the ring which was a little too big. Any ways no worries it will be fixed today.

Thanks for the gifts and the tour voucher for China. They were lovely !
China is a country with lovely dedicated and trustworthy people and I look forward to visit it one day!

Thank You for such a good deal !
Hope to order with you again soon :)

Misbah Saleem
Hi Delia,

Package received on 17th. Thank you so much for the brilliant customer service.

I am very happy with the chain; its georgeous!!, but you know I was kinda hoping that the earrings would be a tinsy bit bigger. Anyways it still looks really good on me, as I have a small face.

Will definitely order from you again :)

Kind Regards
Hi Ice,
The package arrived yesterday afternoon. Once again extremely fast delivery.

The pearls are perfect – l intend to visit your website again and look through all the other beautiful items you have on offer.
I shall certainly recommend you to my friends as l have been delighted with the quality of your goods and the excellent service and delivery.


Kimm Hewitt.
15, April, 2008
Dear Belle
Thank you for your kind consideration of my receipts. Your handling of my concerns has been very prompt and professional. I will not hesitate to place future orders with you.

Wishing you an excellent day.

Hi Belle,
The time of customizing is fine with me. Just keep me informed. When it is ready email me and we will see what address I will be at and the best time and place to ship it to. I really am impressed at the way you communicate with me. It isn't often that a customer finds such efficient representatives to help them.
You are an asset to your company. I look forward to seeing my beautiful pearl.

Florence Kerr
(United States)

I received my order the other day and I just wanted to say thank you. Everything was BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure my bridesmaids will love their bracelets. You were so helpful and the quality and price were unbeatable.
Thanks again!

Erica Feitl
Hello Ice
Today my pearls have arrived. I am so thrilled with them. Your commitment to quality and speed for the customer certainly shows, and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to all of my friends. I know that I shall be ordering from you again, as the pearls are so pretty, I was absolutely delighted with them.
May I also thank you, for the very pretty containers, and the very careful way the package was packed. It has been a pleasure to do business with you, and I shall be ordering again very shortly.
Many thanks to you all.
Bye for now
Penny Roberts
(United Kingdom)
Dear Ice Wu,
    Thank you for your prompt service, and for my wife's beautiful pearl necklace, I recently bought, and the lovely pearl earrings I have also bought for her. I was delighted at the excellent quality, size and style, and shall be buying more and recommending you to friends and family.

Kind regards

Craig Ewing.
(United Kingdom)
Hi Belle,
We have received the pearl earrings and once again we are delighted with them.They are a perfect match for the bracelet. Many thanks to you for the excellent service.

Kindest regards,
31, March, 2008
Dear Ice Wu
I received my order yesterday and was truly delighted with your products , the bracelet is absolutely stunning as are the earrings They are a fitting gift for my wife on the occasion of our 30th ( Pearl) wedding anniversary I am sure she will she will absolutely love them . I must also thank you and your fellow staff at Shecy pearls for the care and efficiency taken in processing and delivering my order, you always have to be very careful buying on the Internet and to find a company as honest and trustworthy as yours is truly refreshing. Once again Thank You Very Much and I look forward to dealing with you again as my daughters are also impressed with your pearls and designs.

Your Sincerely

Mr Simon Cooke
30, March, 2008
multicolor freshwater pearl braceletblack freshwater pearl earrings
Hello Ice,
I received my pearls yesterday and they are lovely! Thank you
very much.
Gail D. Wegner
25, March, 2008
The pendant and earrings are very nice. I am going to have to get a bigger bail for the pearl pendant. The chain that I want to put it is too big for the opening of the bail. Other that I am very pleased.

Thank you so much for helping me acquire them.

20, March, 2008
Dear Ice Wu ,
Many thanks for pleasant news.
We shall look quality of your goods if it good - we shall probably buy much.
If you have a catalogue - send us, please.

Best regards,

Igor Yaroshenko
19 March, 2008
Hi Ice,
Package received yesterday – very good service – l am very pleased with the pearls – beautifully packaged.I shall be ordering another pair in pink in the next few days.
Thank you for your excellent service.


Kimm Hewitt.
(UK) 19 March, 2008
Ice Wu,
I received the pearls this week and was so pleased with them that I have just ordered my other Mother's Day gifts from Shecy Pearls - and a little something for myself as well.
Thank you for the beautiful pearls and the work done. What a value you present and what a blessing to have found you.
Your shipping and service were also excellent!

Best regards,

(USA) 18 March, 2008
The pearls arrived this morning. My wife is over the moon and says they were certainly worth the wait!!
Thank you.
Mr S. Uddin
18 March, 2004
Hello Belle,
I hope you are well. I received my pearl pendant yesterday afternoon. It is absolutely perfect. Absolutely just what I wanted. Thank you so much. I would like to thank you again for all the extra effort and attention you put into choosing the right pearl for me.

I really do appreciate it. It has been a pleasure placing my order with you and ShecyPearls.

Kind regards and best wishes,

18 March, 2008
golden south sea pearl
Hello Belle,
I am pleased to say that I have received the pearl bracelet. It is beautiful. My daughter is really delighted with it. We have bought it for her to wear on her wedding day in July. Thank you for your first class service.

Kindest Regards,

14, March, 2008
akoya pearl bracelet
Dear Belle,
I received my pearl necklace and I'm so happy. I like them very very much. They are really beautiful.
Thank you very much for these beautiful pearls and your kindness to me. Please be informed, that if any Georgian people will purchase pearl from your online shop, it'll happen because of my recommendations.
Thank you one more time and good by till my next order.

With best wishes
Yours sincerely,

6, March, 2008
Dear Belle
I am very pleased for your help must say that you are very nice and thank you to consider me very important customer. Your service is the best same as your pearl.

Thank you

Panita S
4, March, 2008
Dear Belle,
I have received the pearls & they are beautiful.
Thank you. I love the length, and they are lustrous and without blemishes.
Do you ever have blister pearl earrings with an omega back closure? I have those on my "wish list" but did not see any online.

A customer who request custom service
1,March, 2008
Ice Wu,

I received the beautiful Tahitian earrings for my wife today. I am compelled to send you this letter to let you know that every aspect of the transaction surpassed my expectations.

I make numerous internet purchases every month so I am accustomed to having problems. This has, without a doubt, been the best internet purchasing experience that I can remember.

Your automated ordering process gave me a receipt for payment that even pointed out how it would appear on my credit card bill and it advised me that I would receive notice of shipping which would include tracking information.

In addition to getting exactly what I thought I was getting (maybe even nicer than the picture), I got it exactly when you said I would get it, and it arrived in a very nice jewelry case which I had not expected.

You included a professionally printed and hand signed description and certificate. Oh, I almost forgot, you included a surprise pearl pendent gift. As more people learn of the quality of your products and level of your service you are sure to overwhelmed with business.

I have already told several friends about your company and will be ordering from you again soon.

Thank you for setting a standard by which all internet companies can be measured.

Chris Chapin
( Kansas 66049, USA)
20, February, 2008
black tahitian pearl earrings
Hi Ice,
my ring arrived today. It is very lovely and thank you very much for my gift.
I hope you enjoyed your New Year celebrations and I hope to order something from you again in the future.

Best regards,

19, February, 2008
Package received 2/15/08
Beautiful ring.
Thankyou ,
L. Arista
18, February, 2008
Hello Ice Wu.

I am Kyoko Sheppard. I bought pearl ring and I just received today.

Thank you very much. I believe that I had good choice!! And I received many great gift with the ring from you!! I love those!! I will cook some chinese dishes and prepare it with the table cloth, mats and chopsticks which you gifted me for dinner for my husband who presented pearl ring to me!!

Thank you very much again. Have a nice weekend.

R.J. Sheppard
17, February, 2008
white south sea pearl ring happy customer- kyoko
tahitian pearl jewelry set Dear Ice Wu,
We have received the pearls this morning. We are very pleased with the quality of our pearls.
We would like to thank you for the free gifts sent also. I am currently on your website and am about to order another jewelry set due to the great pleasure we received from the first order.

Kind Regards,

Mr Shuja Uddin
16, February, 2008
black akoya pearl jewelry set
Dear Ice Wu,

Thank you for the outstanding service on my order. I received the ring on Friday, February 15, 2008 and am very happy with it. If I would ever like to order another item, I will visit your website again. Thank you very much.

T Thompson
15, February, 2008
black freshwater pearl earrings Dear Ice Wu,
The pearls arrived yesterday just in time for Valentine's Day. My wife loves them and wore them to work to show them off. The box and bag were a nice touch also. And now that my wife has a coupon, I'm sure we will be doing business again soon with you. I will highly recommend Shecy Pearls to my friends and colleagues

Once again I have to say that I found your pearls to be of excellent quality and it's been a pleasure doing business with you

I wish you continued success in your business, happiness and good health

Best regards,

Chris Pyle
15, February, 2008
black freshwater pearl bracelet
tahitian pearl ring Hello Ice Wu

The pearls arrived today and I am very pleased with them. The service from your company has been excellent and I would not hesitate to buy from you again.

kind regards
13, February, 2008
white freshwater pearl earrings
just a quick email to inform you I have received my package everything great, thank you.

joshua carranza-bullock
6, February, 2008
black akoya pearl earring Hi,
I have recieved the ring in good condition and it fits very well! Thank you very much

Yes go ahead and use my letter on your testimonial web site! And thanks again I shall recommend you to all my friends and family.

Kelly Frankland
5, February, 2008
black freshwater pearl ring

Dear Belle,

I have received the package and they are beautiful. I will recommend ShecyPearls to my friends.

2, February, 2008
white freshwater pearl pendantdear shercy pearl

i received my package yesterday and i am really thrilled with my pearl.
thank you for a quick and professional service, i will certainly be using your services again.
kind regards
susan theobald
1, February, 2008
tahitian pearl ring We have received the items 3 days ago, we are very happy with your service.
We would also like to thank you for the free gifts that you included with our order, it was very nice gifts and very thoughtful of you.

kind regards.

Alan Cornthwaite
30, January, 2008
I received my pearls on Wednesday. They are absolutely beautiful and the packages/boxes they came in were beautiful. Thank you ever so much

Helen Pedersen
25, January, 2008
white freshwater pearl necklace

I just received the necklace today. It is truly beautiful. The luster is excellent! The color is gorgeous! I will definitely be buying from you again in the future. Thank you very much. Thanks again! Barry Martinez
24, January, 2008
tahitian pearl ring

tahitian pearl ring Dear Shecy Pearls,

Received the pearl order yesterday, thank you they are lovely.

Best Regards

Elaine Walls
22, January, 2008

Hi, Ice,

Just let you know that I just received my package this morning, everything is in there. And thank you for the gift, it is very nice. Anyway, I received everything, I really want to say thank you to you & Benjamin, you guys provide great service and the pearl jewelry sets that I got were excellent, I am 100% satisfaction. Next time when I want to buy pearl jewelry, definitely I will order from your company, and I will refer your company to my friends too. Thanks again.


(According to the request of our customer, we wouldn't provide his/her private information.)
18, January, 2008


I received the pearls today. Thank you very much for the good service. The pearls are very nice.

Dennis Forsberg
19, January, 2008
tahitian pearl ringtahitian pearl ring

white freshwater pearl necklace Hi ice,

I ordered and I am delighted with it. The pearls have a wonderful glow. The lustre is excellent. I couldn't be happier! As soon as I got them, I placed my earring order! I will recommend your store to my friends!
tahitian pearl ring Hi ice,

I received the pearl earrings today and once again I am delighted with the quality of your products. Thanks so much! I am already planning my next order!
tahitian pearl ring Hi ice,

I am very happy with the pearl items I have ordered from you. I am interested in purchasing a few more of your pearl items

Lynn (USA)

tahitian pearl ring Dear Ice Wu

I received my pearls yesterday, thank you. I am very pleased with them. I love the color and will wear them many times. My husband visits Shanghai often with his work and next time I accompany him, I will visit your shop to see more of your beautiful pearls. Kind regards

Helen Perry
16, January, 2008

I have received my pearl necklace today 14th January. It is really very nice. I will enjoy wearing it very much. Regards

Hilary Toyne
15, January, 2008
tahitian pearl ring
tahitian pearl ring

Dear Ice Wu,

I'd like to inform you that I had receive my pearl (earrings). It arrived just 7 days after I received your email. That was fast because I live in Indonesia. Your price is competitive since I live near the pearl farm also, but you have a better design, so my wife have been browsing your site to buy pendant, ring and other pearl jewelry. I love to make my wife happy, and I hope you won't disappoint her by sending a bad pearl.

Agung AHP
10, January, 2008
tahitian pearl ring

10, January, 2008
white freshwater pearl necklace I recieved the pearl necklace I ordered and I am delighted with it. The pearls have a wonderful glow. The lustre is excellent. I couldn't be happier! As soon as I got them, I placed my earring order! I will recommend your store to my friends! Thanks.

Joyce Gornick
9, January, 2008
tahitian pearl ring
tahitian pearl ring Ice Wu,
Greetings from Sacramento, California- United States....
Thank you! I have received the pearl pendant and the wonderful packaging! I am very pleased with my product and will definetly tell my friends about ShecyPearls and buy from your company again! The package arrived so quickly, I could hardly believe it! I can't wait to order something else!

Thank you!

Marina Hernandez
(CA 95823, United States)
5, January, 2008

Dear sender,

I received your ring yesterday. I love the ring its nice hope my girlfriend likes it but thanks for the extras like the bracelets and stuffed animal and the case it was in. thanks

your customer
(NC 27560, USA)
5, January, 2008
tahitian pearl ring Dear Ice Wu

Many thanks for the pearl ring I ordered which arrived today, 07/01/2008. My wife is very pleased with it - it is just as beautiful as it appeared on your web site. Also thank you very much for the numerous additional gifts which were a wonderful surprise - you are most generous.

I will hopefully purchase more pearls from you in the future.

Best wishes to you and kind regards.

Terry France
(United Kingdom)
3, January, 2008

tahitian pearl ring I received my pearls on Friday and was very pleased.
They are beautiful! Thank you so much for your prompt service.

Elaine Lindsey
3, January, 2008