Hello Amor,

This is to tell you that the pearls arrived today and I am delighted with them. Many thanks for your help again,

Kind regards Maureen
(United Kingdom )
December 30, 2006

Hi Judy,

Thank you so much...the pearls arrived today and they are beautiful. Your prices are fantastic for the quality of the pearls. I will be shopping on your site again soon for gifts for my family and friends.

Best regards and continued good luck in your business, Jada Robitaille
(United States)
December 30, 2006

Miss Judy Lai,

Thank you for the e-mail, yes I have received the pearls; I like the pearls very much. I will make another purchase very soon. Thank you and I hope you had a nice holiday.

Gladys Iglesias
( United States)
December 29, 2006

Thank you Judy,

Indeed the Pearls have arrived. They look splendid and are now wrapped and under our tree awaiting Christmas day. Thank you for your kind attention I shall be sure to recommend you to everyone.

Yours Sincerely Mark
( United Kingdom)
December 23, 2006

Dear Mr. Deng,

Yes, I did receive the package on 12/20. I meant to send you an email but I have just been busy with work and sorting out the products. I AM VERY SATISFIED WITH THEM AND SOME OF THEM HAVE ALREADY BEEN BOUGHT. THANK YOU AGAIN AND LOOKING FORWARD TO COCTACTING YOU WITH FURTHER ORDERS. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

December 22, 2006


Yes I received the goods the other day I just havnt been able to email you as ive had my girlfriend looking over my shoulder trying to find out what she is getting for Christmas! J The item is brilliant, just what I was looking for, im so happy with it! I cant thank you enough for your customer service throughout buying this goods.

Have a very merry Christmas! Thanks you ever so much!

Best Regards, Gavin
December 22, 2006

Dear Judy

We received yesterday the complete order. I am glad the speed of the delivery and the purchase. After Christmas I may order again Have a nice Christmas time Thank for your help

Louise Hudon
December 23, 2006

Hello Amor,

I have received the pearl and it is absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much. One of the Directors I work with, who gave me the Shecy Pearls website, also agrees! She has visited your showroom and did lots of shopping. She also said it is very beautiful. She now wants to order via the website and knows friends who want to do the same. I have given her your name and told her how helpful and patient you were! Your choice of earrings was perfect, thank you.

Thank you again and I look forward to ordering from your again soon.

Regards, Tania.
( Australia)
October 17, 2006

Hi Amor,

I have just received my pink pearls and they are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you very much; the color match is perfect and I am very happy with them. The ring especially, is beautiful and fits perfectly.

I am looking forward to receiving the black pearls also.

Thank you for your constant communication, patience and wonderful service. Will be back soon for more!

November 24, 2006

I have received my order, I am very pleased - the pearls are beautiful and I will certainly recommend you for the excellent customer service.

Valerie Cole
( United Kingdom )
November 29, 2006

I received the pearls today and they are just beautiful!! Thank you so very much for all of your help. And thank you for the lovely earrings too.

Patti McLean
(United States )
November 20, 2006

I received the pearl necklace today, and it is more beautiful than I imagined. It brings me great joy, to have such a beautiful piece of jewelry for such a great price. I am very happy that you were so kind to make the size I needed and were so willing to change the clasp to my liking. I will most definately be a return customer.

Lisa Dennis
( United States )
November 4, 2006

Dear Amor:

I love the necklaces! The pearls are beautiful. I received the goods yesterday.

I found your site by using "google". I am going to a wedding and needed a necklace so I googled the words: "blue pearl necklace" and found your site. While I also got other sites, I liked picture of the necklace that you had posted. I want to thank you for the special attention that you gave to my order.

Again, thank you so much. When I need another pearl necklace, I will certainly contact you.

Rayleen De Luca
( Canada )
October 18, 2006

Dear Amoy,

My pearls arrived today and I am delighted with them. I thank you very much for your advice and assistance. I will certainly recommend Shecy Pearls to my friends.

With kind regards

( United Kingdom )
October 20, 2006