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Shecy Pearls Needs Your PowerReviews

CN, June.8, 2010 - For your confidence in purchasing at Shecy Pearls, we set up a faster and easier platform with PowerReviews Express, began operating on June.1, 2010, to stengthen customers' information exchanges. To go with the online consumers' passion in user-generated content, PowerReviews creates the internet's most innovative and comprehensive provider of customer reviews, which will help our customers to pick up the most appropriate products from Shecy Pearls' variety of pearls.

Through these easy-to-scan reviews and peer feedbacks, new consumers will get more objective knowledge about Shecy Pearls, which will enhance their confidence and trust since these products opinions are described by customers themselves. Previous purchasers' reviews are the most convincing references on others decision-making, and will help us improve our products and service as well. Those regular customers will also benefit from others' voice in their next purchasing experience.

To write your review through PowerReviews,
- A review-asking email will be sent to you 21 days from the order date, the date you should have already received your products;
- It is easy to click the "Write A Review" link next to each product list below and just complete the quick review form;
- Your genuine opinions will return to us as the most valuable information for other customers' references.

Blossoming in Spring with an Opera Necklace

CN, March.12, 2010 - Spring is coming! Now it is the fabulous time to dress yourself! When the temperature rose gradually, to color your light Spring outfit, do you confused to find a right ornaments? Why not just easily try a pearl opera necklace? In fashion history terms it is now very easy to see the top fashion decorated with the pearls, and a opera necklace is a generally admirable which are made to go together with women. Shecypearls has carefully selected a series favorable hot opera necklace to let you blossoming in this promising spring.

Opera necklace inevitably turns to be the most vogue style for the present. It enriches the beauty of pearl, at the same time can fully reveal woman’s charm. A opera necklace go perfectly with the backless dress and strapless gown, which can better bring out your noble, elegant femininity as many stars have such mix. Braces skirt or V-necklines skirt, infanta skirt or reformed cheongsam can be also gorgeous clothes with the opera necklace. No matter who wear a opera necklace, suddenly attractive glow, and lets young girls smooth skin to show the beauty, and make the skin of mature women exudes charming luster.

Various styles also can be created by the wild opera necklace. For example, wearing it in a scarf style or making the pearls in the gradient way so as to show the natural vertical fall, which completely demonstrates the curve of back of a woman. Wearing it in two or three laps around the neck with single or multi-color is growing in popularity, which demonstrates a sense of your taste and fashion with a super-affinity. Just as Elegant and beautiful opera necklace let you blossoming in the limelight, it is a focus of this year's big hot to enhance your fabulous appearance.

A Safer Payment Method at ShecyPearls

---- PayPal Frees You From Any Worries

For your easier and safer shopping over the internet, we made a minor adjustment in the payment method. PayPal is our preferred, for it ensures a quick and secure money transfer by using a credit card or a bank account. Different with the traditional payment method, you don't need to pay by offering your detailed financial information through PayPal.

In the Express Checkout flow, you can still check out at the beginning of the flow and pay on our site . However, you do not reenter shipping, billing, or payment information, because it is already available from PayPal. This simplifies and expedites the checkout process. You can then proceed to review the order on our site.

In the Express Check flow, the customer

1.Chooses Express Checkout by clicking the Check out with PayPal button
2.Logs into PayPal to authenticate your identity
3.Reviews the transaction on PayPal
4.Confirms the order and pays from our site
5.Receives an order confirmation

No Change in Current Soaring Gold Price

CN, Nov.22, 2009 - Gold has been widely concerning all over the world, for the price is unprecedented high. After September in 2009, the consumption of gold entered the traditional peak season and a series of festivals in India, Christmas and Chinese New Year would greatly boost the yellow mental price. Gold kept up its record-setting pace, jumping off the highest point of $1032.65 per ounce in October this year. On November 12th of 2009, York Mercantile Exchange Inc. gold futures market closed at $1119.10 per ounce, hitting a fresh high after 2006. According to the current trend, the gold price is continuing to upwards.

Our products are deeply subjected to the increasing gold price. While having highly appreciated our customers for your regular patronage and strongly support, we are sustaining the shock and still remaining the original price for the present. In addition, our free shipping policy is in conformity with the former one. Namely, the purchase over $75 will be applied to the free shipping. Our products have been widely endorsed and we are assured that we will do our best endeavor to serve you well. For more information on our company, please email us anytime.

2009 Shecy Pearls Charity Events

CN, April 22, 2009 - Giving back to society is always part of ShecyPearls' ongoing commitment. Over US$100,000 of Shecy Pearls jewelry has been donated as of April 22, 2009.

This year, you will get the closest touch with Shecy Pearls in the organization - Breast Cancer Care. More than US$30,000 Shecy Pearls jewelry and gifts are donated to support The Breast Cancer Care Fashion Show taking place on 7 October. Those donations which include a precious white south sea pearl pendant, a long pearl necklace and other pearl jewelry gifts valued US$20,000 will be showed on the models.

All of the models who take part in the show have experienced a diagnosis of breast cancer. We do hope those strong and lovely ladies can really feel a better life to live by wearing beautiful Shecy Pearls jewelry and demonstrating their confidence after the disease.

You may also see Shecy Pearls this year in other charity and social activities which include Children restoration network, American queen pageant… The whole ShecyPearls team believes the more we do, the better the world will be. We also understand that what we've done is far less than societal charities demand. But in this economic recession, we believe transferring confidence by our charity dediction is the most meaninful way to benefit all societies.

Get good luck from Shecy 2009 Limited Lucky Bag

Guilin, CN, Jan 01, 2009 - 2009 has come but the Global financial crisis of 2008 is still affecting our life. Money is tight but life still needs to be going on. Wanna get a light at the beginning of this year and have a good start with 2009? Shecy invites you to share our joy of New Year and receive a Shecy 2009 Limited Lucky Bag by purchasing the Shecy Lucky package.

There are three types of Lucky packages available at Shecy Pearl Jewelry at prices of $79, $199 and $399. Every package comes with a Lucky Bag which is hand picked with attention. A set of sterling silver freshwater pearl earrings or a string of freshwater pearls with silver safety clasp, together with an adorable soft toy fridge magnet. They are all packed within a Chinese red organza lucky bag which is traditionally used for wrapping festival gifts and wedding candy.

When you purchase the Shecy Lucky package, you can get these wonderful fine pearl jewelry combinations and receive up to 20% off the original price. Here we go. Look at all the extra benefits you'll get at the same time:

1.Totally FREE shipping;

2.Three types of Limited Lucky Bags available at Shecy with prices of $79, $199 and $399. You can get these wonderful fine pearl jewelry combinations and save up to 20% off of regular prices at the same time;

3.Gorgeous gifts are sending out with every Lucky Bag, including a single string of white Freshwater cultured pearls or a pair of white cultured Freshwater pearl earrings, together with a soft toy fridge magnet. All of them are wrapped within an adorable Chinese red organza bag.

The Lucky Bags are limited and the sale starts January 1, 2009 ends January 15, 2009. So hurry up and bring Shecy's good luck home!

Shecy Pearl Jewelry – No More Quality Doubts

Guilin, CN, Nov 17, 2008 - Recently, many ladies keep asked us why Shecy can offer such wonderful pearls with high quality but at such low prices. We would like to get rid of these doubts about the price and quality issue for you and speak about the biggest secret quality of Shecy pearl jewelry.

As everyone knows, there are few countries around the world with the kind of dedicated workers and controlled labors costs. China is one of them. This is especially true of the workforce in a medium sized city because of the low cost of living. And that's exactly where Shecy Pearl Jewelry is located– Guilin, a medium city in south China. The location of Shecy Pearl jewelry headquarters tells a lot. For example, Shecy pays no more than $2000 for more than 2000 square meters of brand new office building space with river view monthly. Is it possible to rent even one room of an office in New York City within this budget? And Shecy gets more benefits from the wonderful loaction. For example maintaining low cost for salary, employee's afternoon tea, travel expense from pearl farm which is located to just next the province of Guilin, etc.

At the same time, Shecy Pearl Jewelry runs an effective way to maintain the high quality of products. For example, Shecy has got its own pearl farm and processing basement. The sales associates of Shecy keep a close relation with them. When they order the products, they don't just send the order form; they contact the farmer by phone and confirm the quality grade is exactly what they want. If the quality grade of the pearls that they received is not the same as they thought, they will talk to the farmer immediately and ask for return. And thanks to the hard working employees of Shecy Pearl Jewelry, these processes will not extend for more than three days.

There is a very important fact about the quality: good quality deserves big money. Shecy Pearl Jewelry sells pearls from grade AAA to A+ and Shecy uses a stick pearl grading system which is according to the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) original “Pearl Grading System”, including the quality factors size, shape, luster, nacre thickness and surface. And all of them are double checked by Shecy trained employees and professional gemologists. A high quality of Shecy pearl ring really does look totally different from bad quality one. There is no doubt that better quality equals a higher price. We can compare them with the picture shown below to tell how different they are. Even if both of them come from Shecy.

And there are some other factors that effect the price and quality: the type of precious metal and the side stones used. With the same pearl, a diamond side stone 18 K gold ring is certainly more expensive then a cubic zirconia sterling silver ring. So, material and quality both can decide the price of the pearl jewelry.

As you see, the biggest secret of Shecy's high quality; and reasonable prices is according to economic theory and practice: low price depends on the low expense of business, type of material of the pearl jewelry and the quality of the pearl. I am sure that after reading this report about Shecy pearl quality, smart consumers will never be fooled by gossip any more.

Shop and Get Benefits on November

Guilin, CN, Nov 07, 2008 – Shecy gives out heaps of benefits during this shopping season to express appreciation to the clients. "There is nothing that can express our Thanksgiving heart better than free gifts", Roger says, the director of Shecy Pearl website

"Even though financial woes are putting retailers in a hard time, Shecy still decided to do something to say thank you to our customers. We continue to provide gifts all ordersa and want to make sure that there are more orders and more benefits for customers. And I wish these wonderful gifts could satisfy all ages of beauties."

Here are the details inside of the Thanksgiving heart of Shecy:

Shop Shecy Pearl fine jewelry and get all those incredible benefits and gifts at the same time. It should be the most fun and enjoyable thing to do this season.

Shecy Pals with PayPal

Guilin, CN, Oct 27, 2008– Shecy Pearl has been chosen as one of the top 29 world seller in Asia-Pacific area to take part in PayPal APEC merchants' online sales promotion this month.

PayPal has a World Seller program which is trying to benefit the PayPal's top cross-border sellers, who consistently sell high volumes of goods and services to buyers outside their native country. This time, PayPal seriously consider this APEC merchants online sales promotion, and the marketing department of PayPal started to select the top merchants one month ago. After repeat sifting and winnowing, PayPal picked 29 top world sellers from 6 countries' merchants.

"We've been contributed in world wild pearl jewelry online trading for not a long time, and it is a great honor to be chosen as one of the top 29 merchants in Asia-Pacific area and take a place in PayPal sales promotion this time," Vicky said, the director of Shecy Pearl.

Shecy Pearl created a grand new promotion page for this event. The clients can get 15% off at the original price if they do the payment through PayPal and grab a series of wonderful gifts for free. The free gifts including pearl jewelry, wine wrap, brooch and designed wrap.

We are proud of what we've done and what we are doing, and we will absolutely continuing the road we are on. And wish this road leads us to a globe market.

A thankful heart of Shecy in Thanksgiving Day

Guilin, CN, Oct 14, 2008 - A limited version of e-gift card is available on Shecy Pearl now, which is for expressing the appreciation of the regular customers firm supporting.

Thanks for the firm support by our consumers from all over the world and with our more than 10 years experience in pearl jewelry industry and 3 years with online selling, Shecy Pearl develops continuing. For expressing our thankfulness from button of our heart to our consumer, Shecy Pearl provides Limited e-Gift Card online and customer can receive up to 36% off by using these cards while purchasing on Shecy Pearl jewelry.

"Trying to t benefit our customers mostly, this is the way we say Thank You." Roger says, the director of Shecy Pearl Jewelry and designers of the Limited E-Gift Card. "I chose light pink and grey as the basic color for our Limited E-Gift Card, and I picked our web's traditional peony pattern as card's background, I do love the results when I finished."

Obviously, "the simpler, the better", the fashion world's golden rule fits these gorgeous cards perfectly as well.

The Silver card values at US$240 costs only $200, and the Pink card values at $600 costs $500. And it can be used with associate discount only except the products under Pink Tag. For example, if you want to purchase a pendant with price of $1000 with 10% off discount price, and this pendant is not under Pink Tag, then you can purchase it by Shecy Limited E-Gift Card and get totally up to 36% off than the original price.

"We wish all of our consumers have a great time while shopping on Shecy Pearl for Thanksgiving Day." Roger concluded his words with a smile.

American Queen Pageant titleholders shining with Shecy pearl together

Guilin, CN, Sep 10, 2008 - As one of the sponsors, Shecy pearl received new photos of the sixth America Queen Pageant titleholders with Shecy pearl jewelry today.

The sixth Annual National American Queen Pageant was held at Daytona Beach Resort, Daytona Beach, Florida from 30th of July to 3rd of August 2008. The American Queen Pageant is a traditional beauty pageant for contemporary woman, which the emphasis is placed on community involvement and the busy lifestyle of today's woman revolving around career, family and education.

Shecy pearl provides five pieces of Shecy pearl jewelry for titleholders. "The ladies LOVE their Shecy Pearls and have been wearing them to many of their appearances throughout the US!" Connie Wallace says, the executive director of the American Queen Pageant. These wonderful photos were taken the morning after the titleholders were crowned right before they did their traditional "Beach Photo Shoot". We can tell they have a lot of fun while these photos were taking from their sweet smiles.

The new national winners look gorgeous with Shecy pearl jewelry. The wonderful luster of pearl jewelry is so shining on these beauties necks and they matched with each other very well that these really express the depth of beauty.

"They will also be taking formal portraits wearing their Shecy pearls", Connie said.

After went through all the pageant from local to national to reach the crown, sash and Shecy pearl, these brilliant ladies do truly add a touch of fabulous and modern lifestyle to Shecy pearl jewelry!

"They will also be taking formal portraits wearing their Shecy pearls", Connie said.

After went through all the pageant from local to national to reach the crown, sash and Shecy pearl, these brilliant ladies do truly add a touch of fabulous and modern lifestyle to Shecy pearl jewelry!

Never say we are the best

Guilin, CN, Aug 22, 2008 - After Shecy have upgraded the Pearl Grading system, Shecy is executing a series of effective measure to get a higher level of quality control.

The diamonds have got four C"s: cut, color, clarity and carat for grading, while the new Pearl Grading system of Shecy pearl includes seven comments: shape, dimension, color, luster, nacre, inclusion and matching of a necklace's pearls. The extending quality factor indicates weight, origin, growing environment (freshwater or saltwater). And every piece of pearl jewelry of Shecy pearl has a corresponding photo and ID number on the certification. All the identified data of Shecy pearl jewelry will be stored in Shecy pearl jewelry certification database. This database can help the employees to traceback the details of the certification and pearl jewelry easily.

In order to reinforce the important the quality control, Shecy provides Pearl Grading and precious mental jewelry training for all employees. The free training includes how to define the fineness of precious metal alloys, the standard designation for precious metal jewelry, the chemical composition of pearls, the physical and optical properties of pearls, how to measure and calculate the SG (Specific Gravity) of a pearl and grade pearls by Shecy new Pearl Grading system.

All the employees had refreshed their pearl profession knowledge and are more confidence when they grading pearls.

"It's great to review the pearl knowledge constantly and catch up the new technology to indentify Shecy pearl quality factor. These make me more confident in my area than before." Tony says, employee of Shecy pearl company.

Besides the training project, Shecy Pearl had set a few checkpoints during the process of produce and grading. "Base on the pearl grade system, we upgraded our process control, which can let Shecy Pearl reach a higher level of quality control, and let Shecy running more effectively at the same time." Vicky says, director of Shecy pearl.

Shecy recommend that there is always a better and higher level for quality and process control; Shecy would never say we are the best and stop to improve on profession skills and knowledge of pears. "We are working-hard people and would not stop going forward." Vicky declared.

Shecy summer sale

Guilin, CN, Aug 13, 2008 - As we are in the hottest season of the year, Shecy has started 2008 the hottest summer sale with the price is up to 10% lower than the original one from 11th of Aug to 30 of Sep.

"In many cultures, pearl can let people calm down in hot environment, so summer is a perfect season to wear pearl jewelry." Ms. Ice, Shecy advisor.

There are plenty styles of pearl jewelry are on sale, which even including Shecy Akoya pearls and Tahitian pearls. This is a really good opportunity to get and collect this kind of high quality pearl jewelry at such a low price.

Shecy pearl jewelry – shining on the beauty queen

Guilin, CN, Jul 25, 2008 - Shecy pearl jewelry ( will be the sponsor of the Sixth National America Queen Pageant, which will take place at the Daytona Beach Resort, Daytona Beach, Florida from July 30 to August 3, 2008.

As the leading pearl online store and fashion icon of the pearl world, Shecy is taking a more active role in fashion and beauty world than before. And this year, Shecy will be one of the thrilling sponsors of the America queen pageant, which will let Shecy elegant and modern pearl jewelry shining on the Sixth Annual National America Queen Pageant winners.

"It would be wonderful if we could have the winner's prizes, as sponsored by Shecy Pearl." Connie Wallace, the America Queen Pageant executive director.

The Shecy Pearl responsible person Ms. Joyce said: "We pay special attention to this sponsorship and do enjoy contacting with you."

We believe that these will be a special occasion for Shecy Pearl and Sixth National America Queen Pageant in 2008.

Shecy summer staff training

July, 2008

Guilin, China, July 15, 2008 –Shecy staffs just received short term summer training to update their jewelry's skills and knowledge.

"Shecy staffs are very professional at pearl jewelry knowledge and skills already", says Jessica, the Shecy gemologist, "but step forward and move up the stack are our goal to service our customers."

The training has two parts: pearl grading system and the fineness of precious metal alloys and designation. Shecy original pearl grading system is based on GIA pearl grading system; it includes the quality factors size, shape, luster, nacre thickness and surface. But considering the market situation and fashion trendy factor, Shecy took overtone into consideration. For example, the Tahitian pearl with certain combinations of both body color and overtones generate high prices due to their rarity and value.

"We achieved deeper understanding about the pearl grading system and the fineness of precious metal. This would certainly help us to serve our customer with more professional knowledge." Mr. Andy, the Shecy advisor.

Shecy Pearls Donated over $16,000 to Charities

Guilin, CN, Oct 23, 2007— In order to reward customers' support, Shecy Pearls have donated some of their high-end pearl jewelry to a number of charities in USA, England and Australia.

Shecy Pearls ( is a leading pearl jewelry supplier in China, which has been in the industry for over thirteen years, and whose main customers are from USA, Europe, Australia and other countries in Asia. In 2006, Shecy Pearls opened their online pearl jewelry store. With their effort and customers' loyal support, this online store has been growing very fast. To reward customers, at the one-year anniversary of the online store, Shecy Pearls decided to donate a number of their high-end jewelry to charities.

"During the past thirteen years, especially the last one year when our online store just started, our customers gave us valuable support. Their purchase, advises, and good or bad comments all encourage us to improve our work. It's time for us to contribute something back. We think charity is good, which could help us distribute our contributions to the people who really need," says Ivy Huang, the Deputy General Manager of Shecy Pearls. "We already donated to MetroLacrosse and Young People's Chorus in USA, Ronald McDonald House Charities in Australia, and we are going to send our donation to Breakthrough "Pink" Charity Ball in England soon. The charities in USA and Australia are for the education of children, while the charity in England is to support breast cancer cure research."

In all, Shecy Pearls donated over $16,000 to the fore-mentioned charities. The donations are mainly high quality South Sea Pearl jewelry and Tahitian Pearl jewelry with exquisite design. All donations are sent to the charity ball fund-raising auctions. "We hope we could help raise funds as much as possible with our beautiful pearl jewelry," says Ivy.

Young People's Chorus—Gala Concert

MetroLacrosse--Fall Ball

Ronald McDonald House Charities—Mercedes-Benz Bling Ball

Breakthough breast cancer—"Pink" Charity Ball
Oct 23, 2007

This Season ShecyPearls sales volume set a new record by the use of graphic media

August 2007

Guilin, China, Oct 20, 2007 – We are glad to announce that our sales volume had increased 25 percent during September and October and set a new record.

August 2007 was the one-year anniversary for Shecy Pearls online store. Besides the celebrations of the significant achievements, the management decided to move on to a new marketing strategy, which was to advertise with some graphic media other than simply depending on online sources. "We want to show all customers that we are not just behind the computer, but we have personality and we are totally an ongoing and fast-growing pearl jewelry company," says Ivy Huang, the Deputy General Manager of ShecyPearls. "Our customers' positive comments also encouraged us to expose more to the world and let more and more people know that we are the best choice for purchasing pearl jewelry. As the coming holiday season would be a good chance for business opportunity, we started advertising with graphic media in September and October. As can be seen, it was a good decision."

During September and October, ShecyPearls had advertised with different magazines and newspapers, including Elle, Red, and Psychologies in UK, and Vogue Patterns and Patriot-News (newspaper) in America. Advertising in graphic media helped us increase more exposure to all-class customers and raise the sales volume by 25 per cent, which hit an all-time high.

Besides Beauty, There Are More - An Interview Of CEO Of Shecy Pearls

by Ben Depp

"Well, we also encountered lots of difficulties at very beginning, but we understand very well that it is normal for an online jewelry store. People hesitate when they are deciding to pay a big amount of money to a new online store. Also, Chinese jewelry is always not the first choice for jewelry lovers, especially westerners, due to people's traditional suspicion on its design and quality. To remove customers' suspicion, ensured quality of our products is most important. And we also provide 90-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee." Shecy Pearls has a big collection of all types of pearl jewelry in a variety of color, size and shape. "Our south sea pearls are mainly imported from Australia; Tahitian pearls are mainly from France. We also import Akoya pearls of 9mm or bigger from Japan. Our freshwater pearls and small Akoya pearls are from China." says Paul. "We spent a long time on traveling around to select pearl suppliers at very first. That was really a hard time for us. Now we already have our stable and reliable pearl source suppliers. We are very happy with the quality pearls we get."...

Try Different Pearl jewelry In Virtual Way

August, 2007

Shecy Pearls Stars, a funny little game, which will be released soon in the coming month will help Shecy Pearls visitors experience a vivid online-shopping mode. Try different styles of Shecy pearl jewelry with a virtual model whom can be changed into blue, black and blown eyes, up to 8 hair colors and styles and several optional skin colors. You will find the best pearl jewelry you want.

Shecy Will Launch Its Club Service Soon

June, 2007

With online customers exceeded 20,000 by June 2007, Shecy is going to launch its Club System to provide better services in September. Customers can easily manage their shopping cart and track orders quickly in their account. This service will also include a rewards program and many other funny new functions. Rewards program is basing on the rule of getting points to exchange pearl jewelry and some worth-to-have stuffs. Keep an eye on Shecy Pearls, its Club Card will soon be released. Get the Club membership, enjoy both beautiful pearl jewelry and happy shopping experience.