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Compare Shecy's prices with others'

To buy anything on the web, always compare before your buy!

Here at Shecy, we are very confident of the quality and price of our pearl jewelry. We encourage our customers to compare our products and prices with others. Here are some tips:

First, the most important technique is to see what types of pearls they are selling (e.g., Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian etc.). Please compare pearls of the same type because every type has its extremely good pearls. For example, it would not be useful to compare a wonderful freshwater pearl and a bad south sea pearl although south sea pearls are usually more expensive. Compare the same types!

Then, see if they are the same size or not. The bigger the pearl is, the more expensive it is.

Lastly, with pealrs of the same size and type, compare the exact pictures of the two pieces of jewelry and their descriptions. Pearls in the picture should show their natural overtone, shape, and surface quality. Different computer displays have different effects on the color of images, so you may pick your pearls in a range of color. Then let the store know your exact preferance in pearl color after placing your order. The more detailed descriptions merchants give, the more authentic their pearls are.

After comparing, you know which jewelry has the best value. We believe Shecy Pearls are the best you can get!

You can use the same steps in comparing between the websites prices and your local stores.

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