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Important Statement – About Ebay Seller: ShecyPearls

Recently, we received quality complaints of pearl jewelry which were bought from an Ebay Seller – "ShecyPearls".

After investigation, we found that there was someone who opend an Ebay Store of ShecyPearls without our authorization on April 19, 2007. (ShecyPearlsTM) has NEVER opened any Ebay store in any form and DOES NOT sell Shecy pearl jewelry online other than our official website:

This "Ebay seller ShecyPearls", who also uses "YongTai Pearls" in the ebay store, pirates ShecyPearls brand, logo, website graphic and a lot of jewelry pictures to sell low quality pearl jewelry. Many buyers were cheated into buying that jewelry as ShecyPearls Jewelry. This activity not only violates our copyrights and harms our reputation, but also makes customers who love ShecyPearls suffer loss.

Hereby, ShecyPearls solemnly clarifies that the "ebay seller ShecyPearls" has nothing to do with ShecyPearls(TM). We are contacting Ebay to solve this problem.

If you are a victim of this issue, please contact us as soon as possible. Your testimony will undoubtedly help us take positive action against this pirate.

The ShecyPearls Team